Interview Day

1. The interview will begin at the 12-for Life facility (390 Old Bremen Road, Carrollton, GA 30117). Interview times are 9 am or 1:30 pm. 

2. Students will complete an online Southwire job application.

3. Students will need a personal email account to be able to complete the online application. A school email or an iCloud email will not be accessible by the Southwire online platform.

4. After completing the Southwire job application, students and their parents or guardians will meet with the site-supervisor to complete the required forms for the program and Southwire employment.

12-for-Life Forms:

  1. 12 for Life Work Consent Form
  2. 12 for Life Emergency Student Release Form
  3. 12 for Life Student Drug Screen Consent Form
  4. Southwire Fitness Center Waiver
  5. Career Technical Agricultural Education (CTAE) Job Training Plan
  6. Student Training Agreement
  7. Parent/Guardian Training Agreement
  8. Employer Training Agreement
  9. Work Behavior Policy
  10. Work Attendance Policy and Parent Consent

Additional Forms:

  1. 12 for Life Contact Numbers
  2. Southwire Drug Screening Authorization
  3. Tanner Medical Consent/Acknowledgment Form

5. After completing the Southwire application and 12 for Life paperwork, students will go to Tanner Urgent Care in Carrollton (1480 Highway 27 South, Carrollton, GA 30117) for drug and hearing screening. There is a two-hour window for students to complete the screenings.

6. The interview concludes when the student has completed their drug and hearing screening.

Orientation Day

1. Orientation will be at the 12-for Life facility (390 Old Bremen Road, Carrollton, GA 30117).

2. Students will complete online employment documents and be presented Southwire's employee handbook.

Students will meet with the site-supervisor for an overview of the 12 for Life Student Handbook. Students will also meet with school counselor for scheduling information.

4. During the meeting with the school counselor, students will be given a detailed schedule for their first week of work. They will also receive their work shift and class schedule for the current semester.

5. Lunch will be provided on Orientation Day.

First Day/Week of Work

Students will begin their first week of work with a safety orientation. Remember, students must attend every day of the first week or they will be terminated and must reapply the next hiring. The schedule for the first week of work is as follows: 

  • Monday: Southwire Policies and Procedures
  • Tuesday: New Hire Rotation Class and Southwire Safety
  • Wednesday: New Hire Rotation Class and Southwire Safety
  • Thursday: New Hire Rotation Class and Southwire Safety/Quality Training/Work Observe
  • Friday: Work/Observe