Basic Requirements

To apply for 12-for-Life, students must be at least 16 years old before their interview date. Parents or guardians must attend the interview with their child if their child is 17 years old or younger. Parents or guardians of students who are 18 years old by their interview date, do not have to attend the interview.  

All students must pass a drug screening at Tanner Urgent Care. Students who fail the drug screening will be required to complete a drug intervention plan to re-apply. Student applicants who fail the drug screening must wait at least two months before reapplying. 

All student applicants must pass the Southwire safety test with at least a 70.

The 12-for-Life program is not a punitive intervention for students such as alternative schools. Student applicants cannot have any behavior referrals, which are level three violent or sexual in nature. Students who are returning from your district’s alternative school or a Youth Detention Center (YDC) will be considered for the 12-for-Life program after they have completed at least one successful semester at their regular high school and the student must complete the semester in a regular education setting. 

Students must complete the entire student hiring process without any absences. The 12-for-Life hiring process includes: Interview Day, Orientation Day, and the student’s entire first week of work. Students who are absent to any part of the hiring process will have to reapply for the next hiring.