12 for Life Returns Students to the Workfloor

Students working with Southwire full time employees to learn the different machines in the plant.

March 12, 2020...12 for Life and all of Carroll County Schools was notified that we would have a minimum 2-week quarantine due to the growing concerns surrounding COVID 19. 536 days later we are happy to report that the first group of new hires returned to the plant to being their first week of work.  August 30th saw a group of students, some new and some returners come back to the plant and return to work. Thanks to the diligence of our now 9(can you believe it?!) partnering high schools we brought in almost 70 students to come be a part of our program. 

Mr. Grubbs, our principal and site supervisor, reflects on the past 536 days saying, "It speaks so well of the program and its impact that through all the stress of dealing with COVID and trying to best serve our students, we made it back. Our community, partners, and all contributing shareholders worked diligently to prepare for this return and further continue to allow the program to once again thrive, but most importantly impact our students in a positive way."


We look forward to the continued return of the program as we prepare to bring in more students in our next hiring rounds.


If you are a student at one of our 9 partnering schools and are interested in applying to the 12 for Life program please contact your high school representative or counselor to begin the process.